Family History & One Name Study Genealogy Websites

Family tree websites relating to specific Devon family surnames – Has your ancestry been researched already?

Heard Family Genealogy Forum – Message board

The Pitts Family of South Allington

The French Family History

The Peake Family History

The Somerwill Family History

The Blackmore Family History

The Coldridges of Devon Family History

The Speare Family History

The Templer Family History

The Hingston Pedigree

Hingston One Name Study

Steer Family History

Huxtable Family Research

The Sherriff Family

Edmund Forte’s site

Were-Carpenter Families

History of the Mortimer family

Kythe – Turners

Helmore Family

Lambert-Gorwyn, a family history

Trevan and related families

Grawrock Parker Genealogy

The Slee/Booth Family Tree

Boydell Family History

More Boydell Material

The Sadleir Web

Family Tree for Luscombe, Rhymes, Foale and others from the South Hams

Loosemoore Family

Arscott Family

Wrench-Mason-Bright Families

The Venn Family in Devon

History of the Mansfield Family

Powditch and Jones Family History

The Yeo Family History and One Name Study

The Furze Family

Williams Descendants

The Newcombe Family

James Blackburn Pickett

Devon Mitchells

Cameron Gracey’s Genealogical Pages   

The Blight Family

Williams Family History

Michelmore One Name Study

The Halls of Devon

Another English Heard family

More Essex Heards

Some US Heards

More US Heards

Hurst History Study Group

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